Hi! I’m Courtney.


Whether you’re brand new to military life, you have a decade or more of experience under your belt, or, like me, you’re somewhere in between — I believe the unwavering love we have for our service members has drawn us together for a reason. We are united by our experiences and our mission to support and encourage one another, and I’m so glad you’re here.

You and me?

We know home is not a place.

It’s the family we’re working to build from the ground up on a foundation of faith.

We’re home, even when our household goods are driving away on the back of a moving truck.

We’re home among the overstuffed suitcases and bleached hotel linens.

We’re home in unfamiliar cities and foreign countries.

We’re home no matter where we are, simply because we’re together.

The cycles of military life are dizzying, stressful and downright draining. There’s fears to face, challenges to overcome and tough lessons to learn, but there’s also a whole lot of adventure to be found, memories to make, and amazing spouses to meet along the way.

Speaking of amazing spouses? You’re one of them.

Let’s encourage one another as we learn how to make the most of our days at home – wherever we’re together – exploring the world along the way.