Homemade Blackberry Ice Cream (Egg Free)

Homemade Blackberry Ice Cream

I grew up in a little Southeast Texas town where blackberry vines grow wild all over the countryside in early summer, and memories of spending Sunday afternoons picking blackberries with my parents and little sister are some of my favorite to this day.  I remember… Risking encounters with bugs, snakes and thorns to find the […]

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Ft. Bliss: Balloonfest

KLAQ Balloonfest Hot Air Balloon Launch

  Looking back, one of my favorite family memories of our time spent at Fort Bliss was made in the early hours of the morning one Memorial Day weekend. We’d gotten up before the sun for the second day in a row to head to the west side of the Franklin Mountains for El Paso’s annual Balloonfest Balloon Launch. The […]

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I Hated Ft. Bliss… and Then I Didn’t Want to Leave

A dismal cloud of dust hung in the air, obstructing my early morning view of the Franklin Mountains. Overnight, a thin layer of sand the color of combat boots had collected on the window sills and underneath each door frame… To read more of this article, head over to MilitaryOneClick.com!

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