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If You’re Battling Anxiety and Depression While Breastfeeding, Read This

nursing baby

This post is sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop. I was standing in the infant aisle at the commissary with my screaming six-week old baby boy when the shelves started closing on me. Breastfeeding wasn’t going well. I’d gone through four lactation consultants, and they’d each said the same thing: “Your baby is lazy.” It was […]

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How to Prepare Your First Child for a New Sibling

This post is sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop. Squinting in the early morning light, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me: Could that be a second pink line forming or is it just a shadow? Taking a deep breath, I sat the test on the counter and put my hands over my face so […]

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Pick Your Own Apples at This Family-Owned Orchard Near Wiesbaden

“We’re just going to bring home a dozen, right?” My husband asked quizzically, almost skeptically, as we made our way down the Autobahn to a pick-your-own apple orchard not far from where we live. He knows me so well. “Right,” I agreed, but only halfheartedly. A few hours later… I grinned sheepishly at him over […]

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