Build Your Own Kids Picnic Table, Part 1: What You’ll Need

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table

This series of posts was written by my husband.  Every now and then, he’ll be stopping in with something of his own to share. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a man or because I am a seed of creativity whose nature is to sprout and blossom into something sweet smelling and appealing, but I […]

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Rest and Peace for the ‘Weary Mom’

In the seemingly endless stretch of sleepless nights following the birth of our second son, I kept myself awake through hourly nursing sessions with the glow of my phone screen and the company of e-books I’d purchased that promised hope and encouragement for the weary mom. Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lonely and simultaneously ashamed for acknowledging my […]

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San Antonio Mission Trail | Mission San Juan & Mission Espada

Mission San Juan San Antonio Mission Trail

This post is part of the San Antonio Mission Trail series.  Click here to learn more about San Antonio Mission National Historical Park. After our trip to Mission San Jose, we continued down the Trail to visit Mission San Juan and Mission Espada.  I decided to combine the two for the purpose of this post […]

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How My Husband Surprised Me With News of His Next Duty Station

OCONUS PCS, Germany, Military Life, Moving

Valentine’s day started with a few comfortable clichés. We exchanged cards and chocolate, and I made heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries for breakfast. My husband and I had originally planned to order take out to eat alone together after the boys had gone to bed that night, but when my sister-in-law generously offered to hang out with them […]

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Green Army Men Valentine’s Day Cards

How to Make Green Army Men Valentine's Day Cards

Lately, when I find my eldest son getting into mischief struggling with boredom, I’ve been calling in the troops. Isn’t it funny how, sometimes, the simplest, least expensive toys are the ones that end up capturing young children’s imaginations and fleeting attention spans, and hold onto them the longest? My big boy got his first pack […]

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Survive the Season

Survive the Season, Motherhood, Family

This post was written as a journal-entry of sorts shortly after the birth of our second son.  I’m sharing it, now, as I still find the message relevant to my experience of motherhood. Hanging on the wall above my computer – among the jumble of inspirational quotes, photographs of my husband and our babies, and images […]

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