Jet Lag

One Month in Germany

One month ago, yesterday, we arrived in Germany, disheveled, exhausted, bleary-eyed, and slightly bewildered.  As we were herded through customs with other PCSing families in what felt like a scene from The Walking Dead, all of us mumbling, dazed, and stumbling like zombies from the awkward weight of our luggage, I caught my first glimpse of our new area through the foggy terminal windows.

It was raining.  The surrounding hills were shockingly green against a grey sky, and my heart did this weird flip-flop thing; a reaction to a sudden surge of excitement and anxiety, I think.  After all of the planning, preparation, and anticipation, I couldn’t believe we had arrived!

The past four weeks have been a crazy blur as we have worked to build our lives from the ground up here.

Jet Lag
This is what jet-lag looks like.

Now that we have gotten some rest, adjusted our bodies to a new time zone, found a house, begun to learn the area, and somewhat settled into our new surroundings, I’ve been able to start collecting my wildly scattered thoughts.  Writing them down helps, and, so, here I am, blogging once again.

My hope for this journal is that it somehow lessens the distance between us and our family and friends back in the states, helping us to stay better connected by sharing our stories.  My goal is to write an update or a journal entry of sorts once a week.  In a couple of years, when our time in Germany comes to an end, I would like to look back on our memories, lessons learned, and how our life has evolved, and this space will also help me do just that.

Let’s be real, our experience of Europe with a pair of adventuresome little boys in tow is going to be completely different from that of honeymooners and Spring Break backpackers!  With that said, I intend to write openly and honestly about our time here.

To our family and friends, we hope you are all doing well!  We miss you TONS, already.

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  1. Hallie

    As always, your posts are wonderful and I’m thrilled to be able to follow in your online journey!


    1. Courtney

      Thank you, Hallie! I love following you, as well!


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