Before I met my friend Abigail and her beautiful daughter, Tabitha, I’d never heard of Twin to Twin Tranfusion Syndrome (TTTS). She first shared a small portion of her girls’ story with me on a park bench over crackers and juice boxes at a splash pad play date. Watching her healthy baby girl dance through the fountains, it was difficult to wrap my mind around the harrowing journey of pain, fear, loss and grief they endured as a family – or the fact that Tabitha’s life had ever been threatened by the rare and dangerous condition.

December 7 is World TTTS Awareness Day.

Today, Abigail has kindly agreed to join me for my first-ever video interview on Courtney at Home. She’s sharing bits and pieces of her own TTTS story, and we’re talking about her heartrending new book, “The Day Between: A Memoir of Miracles.”

Grab a cuppa and join us.

WATCH: Coffee with Courtney: Honoring World TTTS Awareness Day with Abigail Wilson

“The Day Between: A Memoir of Miracles” is available on (or if you’re stationed in Germany).

In honor of World TTTS Awareness Day, I’m giving away three copies! The giveaway is open until Friday, Nov. 15 at 12 a.m. Central European Time.

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Side Note: In my interview with Abigail, she talks about shying away from putting ourselves out there when we think what we have to offer isn’t quite perfect.

Seeing myself on video, hearing my own voice and nitpicking every little flaw has kept me from stepping out of my comfort zone to work on projects like this. Putting this together was a both a learning experience and a leap of faith for me, and I am so grateful Abigail trusted me with her story. Thank you for the courage and inspiration, friend!