The First and Last Days of Kindergarten

September 6, 2016 I told myself I wasn’t going to cry. I set out his backpack, packed his lunch and made sure his school supplies were all in order. I gave the boys baths, laid out their pajamas and helped them brush their teeth. They snuggled up on my lap while I pulled out a […]

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Progress, Preparation and Pretzels

Pretzels, Germany

Since I last wrote, things have been falling into place rather quickly.  With orders in hand, we’ve scheduled dates to have our household goods and unaccompanied baggage packed and picked up, made our travel and temporary lodging arrangements, and the boys received their blue passports (for leisure travel) in the mail. We’ll be leaving a […]

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Rest and Peace for the ‘Weary Mom’

In the seemingly endless stretch of sleepless nights following the birth of our second son, I kept myself awake through hourly nursing sessions with the glow of my phone screen and the company of e-books I’d purchased that promised hope and encouragement for the weary mom. Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lonely and simultaneously ashamed for acknowledging my […]

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Survive the Season

Survive the Season, Motherhood, Family

This post was written as a journal-entry of sorts shortly after the birth of our second son.  I’m sharing it, now, as I still find the message relevant to my experience of motherhood. Hanging on the wall above my computer – among the jumble of inspirational quotes, photographs of my husband and our babies, and images […]

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