Living Overseas

International Education: Using Life Overseas to Explore Homeschool

Connecting with and learning from mamas and military spouses whose hearts beat to the same rhythm as my own are a few of my favorite things about this whole blogging thing. Today, Lindsay of Uplifting Anchor is taking over Courtney at Home to talk to you about the beginning of her own homeschooling journey while […]

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Pick Your Own Apples at This Family-Owned Orchard Near Wiesbaden

“We’re just going to bring home a dozen, right?” My husband asked quizzically, almost skeptically, as we made our way down the Autobahn to a pick-your-own apple orchard not far from where we live. He knows me so well. “Right,” I agreed, but only halfheartedly. A few hours later… I grinned sheepishly at him over […]

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