Children and Art

For The Mom Who Is Discouraged By Art and Craft Projects

Life, like finger painting, is messy business. We learn as we go – from the experiences we have, the knowledge we choose to retain or dismiss, and the mistakes we make along the way. Over time, we figure out how to dip our fingers in the paint without getting it all over our clothes; glide […]

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Indoor Chalk Painting

It’s been a cold winter here in the desert, which means we’ve been spending most of our time indoors. Fewer outings to the park can make for one stir-crazy almost-two year old, and a Momma who’s already counting down the weeks to Spring-time 😉  Thank goodness, then, for activities like Indoor Chalk Painting that help […]

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Sidewalk Chalk Painting

  Chalk on the sidewalk reminds me of breezy summer evenings when I was a kid.  Barefoot.  A piece of chalk in one hand, a drippy Popsicle in the other.  Carefree.  Happy.  Everything childhood should be. Add a little water to the mix, and you’ve got magic on the pavement. Sidewalk Chalk Painting What You’ll […]

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